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Electric Wire Rope Hoists


Electric wire rope is widely used for lifting equipment. we guarantee the quality of our each electric wire rope have been completely inspected and tested to avoid any damages during the working. We are the responsibility of electric wire rope hoist manufacturers to ensure the safety of our equipment.


Fundamentals of EOT Crane Operations & Types

EOT Crane Operating Mode

The ordinary bridge crane is mainly used in electric power, usually in the driver’s interior control, but also has a remote control. Lifting weight comes up to 500 feet, and the span comes up to 60 meters. Further installation and adjustment, the large lifting weight of typical bridge crane drive device often uses universal coupling. The EOT crane operation mechanism generally consists of only 4 driven wheels. If the weight is great, weight is commonly distributed through wheels. When the wheel is more than 4, the coherent frame device must be used. So, the load of the crane can be distributed evenly on each wheel. We are leading EOT crane manufacturers in Coimbatore.


What is an eot crane?


EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane is a kind of widely used lifting crane. EOT crane used for material lifting in the workshop, warehouse, material field and more. The operation range of an EOT crane is constructed as rectangular; due to the crane span structure on a bridge crane can realize longitudinal operation along both sides of the rail laid on the elevated frame, while the lifting trolley can realize horizontal operation along the rail laid on the crane span structure. Because of the unique structure, the crane can take full advantage of the space under the crane span structure to lift material from the ground without being hindered. This kind of crane is widely used in various fields like an indoor and outdoor warehouse, factories, wharf, and outdoor material storage yard, etc.  We are leading EOT crane manufacturer in Coimbatore.

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